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Analysis on Perforation and Failure of Carbon Steel Pipes in CO2 Condensate Gas Field
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Key Words:CO2腐蚀;气液两相流;流动加速腐蚀;凝析气田
Abstract: Adopted is the gas-liquid two phase transportation process in certain condensate gas field with CO2 and applied is the option of carbon steel plus corrosion inhibitor for in-station pipeline corrosion control. After its surface gathering and transportation system was test run, gas output increased rapidly and perforation and gas leakage occurred in some flow field mutation areas of the carbon steel pipeline network. Adopted is the material physical and chemical test method to check the quality of the pipeline material. Analyzed are corrosion morphologies of the pipeline material and corrosion products in its inner walls and identified are main corrosion behaviors. Compared are different flow velocities and flow regimes in pipelines with different diameters, comprehensively analyzed are different failure causes of carbon steel pipelines in combination with current international knowledge on corrosion behaviors and the analysis results show that flow-accelerated corrosion is main factor to induce the perforation leak of the pipe. Field service experience shows that carbon steel pipe may suffer flow-accelerated corrosion even though flow velocity is controlled according to APl 14E. Some measures shall be considered during design to mitigate such corrosion.
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