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Application of Gas Stripping Method to Crude Oil Desulfurization in Tazhong Oilfield
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Key Words:Desulfurization; Process; Experience; Gas stripping ratio; Benefit
Abstract:In order to mitigate severe corrosion of a large number of crude oil with high hydrogen sulfide on non-sulfur resistant process pipelines and equipment in gas treatment unit of Tazhong joint station and eliminate potential safety hazards resulting from seriously excessive hydrogen sulfide concentration in exported crude oil and natural gas, Tarim Oilfield learns from successful experience obtained in the first heavy crude oil dry method gas stripping desulfurization unit of 3# joint station and has built a gas stripping desulfurization unit with 1000t/d capacity in an oil transfer station of Tazhong operation area for removal of sulfur from crude oil produced in trial production single well of Tazhong 1# gas well. Continuously optimized are such parameters as temperature, liquid volume and gas stripping ratio so at to adjust the unit until it reaches the optimum operating status and adopted is the 3018 solid desulfurizing agent so as to recover high hydrogen sulfide exhaust fully from the gas stripping desulfurization unit and accordingly atmospheric pollution is mitigated effectively. The results of analysis on social and economic benefits show that the unit can achieve desired objectives.
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