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Study on Condensation Process of Methane and Nonane Mixture in Supersonic Nozzle
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Key Words: Methane; Nonane; Supersonic; Condensation; Nozzle
Abstract: Liu Zhongliang (College of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, 100124, China) NGO, 2012, 30 (3):27~29
ABSTRACT: In order to find out the condensation characteristics and rules of methane and nonane mixture in supersonic nozzle, a mathematical model is established to investigate and calculate condensation flow conditions of the mixture in supersonic nozzle and the results show that nonane vapor begins to condense spontaneously only if its degree of supercooling reaches about 72K and its degree of supersaturation reaches about 21904 at x=100.0mm, its spontaneous condensation is later than that of methane and water vapor mixture because nonane molecule is much bigger than water molecule and more free energy barrier are needed for higher degree of supercooling. There is no “Condensation Shock Wave” found in pressure and temperature distribution curves due to little latent heat released by nonane condensation per unit time.
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