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Analysis on Computer Simulation of TEG Dehydration
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Key Words: Natural gas; TEG dehydration; Affecting factors; Simulation calculation
Abstract:In order to improve TEG dehydration effect, it is necessary to research the effect of various factors on dehydration. Adopted is HYSYS software to quantitatively analyze and calculate the TEG dehydration unit with a capacity of 15x104 m3/d and calculation results show that dehydration effect will be obviously improved if lowered properly is temperature of wet gas and lean glycol entering the dehydration unit, increased are lean glycol concentration, circulation volume and operating pressure of TEG or increased are number of tower trays. In this unit, the optimal temperatures of wet natural gas and lean glycol entering the dehydration unit are 30℃ and 36℃ respectively. The water dew point drops from 32℃ down to -8.647℃ when theoretical number of tower trays is 2, the operating pressure of TEG is 6.4MPa, lean glycol solution concentration is 98.8% and circulation volume of TEG is 0.3 m3/h. Meanwhile, water content of dried gas after dehydration will be substantially and dehydration effect can be obviously improved if a small amount of stripping gas is led into.
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