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Numerical Simulation of Asphaltic Crude Oil Dynamic Injected by Low Temperature Carbon Dioxide
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Key Words:Asphaltene;CO2 injection;Numerical simulation;Temperature change
Abstract:In order to further understand effects of fluid penetration regularity and temperature change around CO2 injector on asphaltene deposition during CO2 injection,analyzed comprehensively are asphaltene deposition,energy transformation and CO2 temperature change and established is a numerical model during CO2 injection according to historical data. Applied is the numerical model in certain injector and the research results show that liquid flooding exists in low temperature driving,temperature influence range is extended along with the increase of gas injection pressure,higher accumulation of deposited asphaltene is shown mainly around immediate vicinity of wellbore;precipitated asphaltene triggered by low temperature CO2 injection is less than that calculated by simulative model of normal temperature CO2 injection. Discussed are two aspects of low temperature CO2 driving efficiency during model calculation,drawn are four kinds of basic low temperature CO2 displacement schematics and it has been realized that it is critical to select injection parameters properly for low temperature carbon dioxide flooding.
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