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Research on a Double Bottom Oil Tank with Real-Time Online Monitoring
Author of the article:Yang Jinlin, He Wang, Du Mingzhong, Zhou Lin
Author's Workplace:1.The Chinese People's Liberation Army 76167 Troops;2.Department of Management Science and Engineering, Logistical Engineering University of PLA
Key Words:Double bottom structure; Storage oil tank; Bottom seepage or leakage; Online monitoring
By analyzing the particularity of the bottom of single-bottom tank, it was found that corrosion on both sides of the oil tank bottom made the bottom perforate easily and cause leakage. Due to strong concealment of corrosion at the tank bottom and the lack of effective real-time online leakage detection equipment and technology, real-time online leakage monitoring on tank bottom has become the focus and difficult point in industry. Aiming at the intrinsic defects of single-bottom storage tanks, the method of combing bottom structural design with leakage monitoring technology organically was put forward after analysis on the shortcomings of structural design on the oil tank foundation leakage detection layer and composite tank bottom. Finally, a double bottom oil tank with online oil & gas detector and vacuum or pressure system was proposed to realize the real-time online leakage monitoring on tank bottom, and effectively guarantee the safe operation of oil tank.


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