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Analysis on the Design of Water Evaporative Spray-Cooling Ventilation of Gas Turbine Plant
Author of the article:Li Wei, Wang Haibo, Wu Guohua
Author's Workplace:1.China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Southwest Company;2.PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Company. Songyuan Gas Production Plant
Key Words:Hot-dry area; Summer ventilation; Water evaporative spray-cooling; Design
Abstract:Water evaporative spray-cooling technology has its unique advantage when used in the hot-dry area. Usually, the wet-bulb temperature in hot-dry area is low and the evaporative spray-cooling technology can add humidity to the air, which is cooled down to a temperature close to the wet-bulb temperature at the same time. Based on the design of water spray evaporative cooling ventilation system for a gas-fired power plant project, the issues that needs attention in the design of ventilation system for the gas engine plant in the hot-dry area were analyzed, and methods and application conditions for lowering the inlet temperature of gas turbine were put forward to improve the efficiency of gas turbine. It provides valuable references for design and construction of gas-fired power plants and other plants.


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