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Study and Application of 4G TD-LTE Technology in Offshore Oil and Gas Field
Author of the article:Yang Jinli, Zang Mingxia, Bai Lin
Author's Workplace:CNOOC Research Institute
Key Words:Offshore platform; Wireless transmission; 4G TD-LTE; Data transmission; Link test

There's no submarine fiber optical cable between the newly built unmanned wellhead platforms and the central platform in certain China offshore gas field, while signals such as DCS production data, wellhead shutdown, video and voice need to be transmitted between the platforms. To solve the problem, a 4G TO-LTE wireless transmission technology is utilized to build a safe and reliable communication link. The 4G TD-LTE has been widely used in onshore oil field network, with mature technology and equipment available in the market. However, it has not been promoted in the domestic offshore oil and gas fields. By comparing with the fiber optic cable and digital microwave technology, 4G TD-LTE technology has proved its price advantage and network flexibility. An in-house 4G network link test has been conducted in certain China offshore oil field, which demonstrates that 4G TD-LTE technology can build a stable and reliable offshore transmission link to meet the production.


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