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The Research and Application of 3D Visualization Technique in Puguang Gas Field
Author of the article:Lei Jinjing
Author's Workplace:Puguang Branch Company of Zhongyuan Oilfield
Key Words:Puguang gas fields; 3D visualization platform; Multi-source heterogeneous data; Production management; Emergency rescue
Abstract:In order to achieve visualized production management of gas field, it is necessary to combine 3D visualization technology with business such as gas field development, gathering & transportation, purification, equipment, safety and management. The project developed 3D visualization platform of gas field which is based on 3D geographic information, 3D fine modeling, multi-source heterogeneous data integration, application system development and integration. It built the 3D visualization scene of gas field pipe network and gathering station by huge amounts of high precision 30 model preloading and hierarchical dynamic loading technique. It has realized basic geographic information data calling, surveillance video calling, wellbore 3D visualization, real-time display and equipment positioning and dismounting in 3D scene for SCADA monitoring data by integrating the existing multi-source heterogeneous data from various disciplines, which facilitates the production, management and emergency rescue in Puguang gas field.


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