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Cathodic Protection for Long Distance Oil & Gas Station
Author of the article:Li Junlong, Xu Xing, Gong Yichao, Jin Liuwei, Pan Yuan
Author's Workplace:Shaanxi Yuyang Petroleum Technology Engineering Co., Ltd,
Key Words:Oil-gas station; Plant cathodic protection; Linear anode; Shielding; Interference
Abstract:To inhibit corrosion of underground metallic structures at large oil and gas station and ensure normal production and operation of enterprise, it is necessary to understand the technical characteristics of cathodic protection for plant and identify technical difficulties affecting protective effect in application. Based on the issues of cathodic protection such as high demand for protective current, difficult design for anode bed, interference and shielding to the external in highly concentrated pipeline net-work areas, it is defined that linear anode as auxiliary anode, compared with other traditional anode beds, enjoys more advantages that can control interference, slow down shielding effectively by analyzing the key technology of cathodic protection implementation for plant. Cathodic protection for plant is an important anticorrosion measure to guarantee safe production in large oil and gas stations and linear anode is of great significance for improving the protection of cathodic protection in plant.


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