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Study and Application of New Oil & Gas Wellhead Equipment Safety Belt Hanging Device
Author of the article:Du Jiang
Author's Workplace:PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company. Northwest Sichuan Gas Mine Branch
Key Words:Oil & gas wellhead equipment; Adjustable; Safety belt hanging device; Base; Clamp component; Strut
To solve the issue that safety belt cannot be hung during maintenance, testing, installation and debugging of oil (gas) wellhead equipment, based on the requirement of "hang high and use low" , a variable safety belt hanging device of high strength and light quality is fabricated, via large amount of field tests and innovated selection and comparison, with reference to similar research results and unit from related industries such as electricity, shipping according to the structure and specification of oil (gas) wellhead equipment in Sichuan and Chongqing area. The device is mainly composed of base, clamp component and the strut, and is installed on the connecting flange of oil (gas) well wellhead valves. It is featured by easy installation and usage, convenient transportation and quick disassembly. Through tests of oil (gas) wellhead equipment with multi-specifications, the requirements for safety belt hanging during high-place operation of oil (gas) well equipment as maintenance, test, installation and debugging under the rated pressure of 35 mpa, 70 mpa and 105 mpa, 140 mpa and nominal diameter of 52 mm, 65 mm, 78 mm, 80 mm, 103 mm and 180 mm can be met, which makes up the blanks in oil & gas industry.

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