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Research and Design of Desulfurization and Decarbonization Unit in Changqing Jingbian Gas Field
Author of the article:Li Yongsheng, Yang Jiandong, Dong Yanguo
Author's Workplace:Xi' an Changqing Technology Engineering Co., Ltd,
Key Words:Desulfurization and decarbonization unit; High ratio of carbon to sulfur; Research; Safety
Abstract:In order to thoroughly remove the acidic component in gas with high ratio of carbon to sulfur and achieve the role of desulfurization and decarbonization unit, steps to confirm the desulfurization and decarbonization process parameters under high CO2 and low H2S service, main ways to reduce energy consumption, issues in equipment material selection and main functional structure of equipment are defined from the process of desulfurization and decarbonization. On this basis, process improvement of gas with high ratio of carbon to sulfur, equipment structure optimization, internals improvement, optimization of formulated solution are performed to realize operation with high efficiency, low consumption and safety.


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