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Development Trend of Techniques for Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Treatment Process
Author of the article:Chen Gengliang
Author's Workplace:PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company. Natural Gas Research Institute
Key Words:Claus unit; Tail gas treatment; Expanded process; SCOT method; Cansolv method; Combined new process for tail gas treatment
Abstract:It is explicitly specified in GB 31570-2015 Discharge Standard for Petroleum Refining Industry that the limit concentration of SO2 in tails gas from sulfur recovery unit of refinery in general area of China be 400 mg/m3 and that in special areas be 100 mg/m3. To meet this standard, technical renovation and reconstruction is required for most of the sulfur recovery tail gas unit in refinery plant. First, 4 types of technical proposals are summarized for tail gas to meet discharge standard based on techniques for sulfur recovery tail gas treatment process in recent years and it is stressed that combined new process has much referential value for the technical reconstruction of existing expanded tail gas treatment unit in gas purification plant of southwest oil & gasfield company. Finally, suggestions for the implementation of front end engineering design (FEED) of such kind of new process have been put forward.


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