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Topological Optimization for New Capacity of Gas Gathering System Including Valve Chamber and Elbow
Author of the article:Chen Shuangqing, Liu Yang, Wei Lixin, Guan Bing
Author's Workplace:Northeast Petroleum University
Key Words:Gas gathering system; New capacity; Topological optimization; Gas gathering trunk line valve chamber; Steering angle; Hybrid genetic algorithm
Abstract:In order to reduce the investment for network construction of gas field new capacity, aiming at the radiation-branched combined pipe network and considering the effect of connection type between gas gathering station and gas gathering trunk line on investment, a new capacity topology optimization mathematical model is established with the minimum construction investment as the objective function, and the limit of pipeline tandem steering angle and the gas gathering branch line throughout as restriction. According to the characteristics of the model, the resolution of the model is decomposed into two sub issues including geometry position optimization and topological connection determination, and the improved hybrid genetic algorithm is used to solve the problem. In the algorithm, the fitness function of adaptive population evolution is designed. Combined with the Metropolis rule, elitist strategy and roulette wheel selection, the operation for selection and copy is optimized. With the multi-object optimization technique, the operation mode of the Prim algorithm is adjusted. Verified by the calculation example, the model and algorithm are correct. It can effectively reduce the network construction investment and the using amount of elbow. The improved hybrid genetic algorithm, compared with the basic genetic algorithm, has certain improvement in the optimization ability and the solving efficiency.


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