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Structural Design for Multilayer Module Skid-mounted Integration
Author of the article:Chen Xu, Xu Yunchuan , Fu Kaiwei, Shi Bowen, Yang Xiaoqiu
Author's Workplace:1.China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Southwest Company; 2.Sichuan Shuyu Petroleum Construction&Installation Co.,Ltd,
Key Words:Skid-mounted unit; Multi-layer modularized integration of skid-mounted structure; Split; Temporary components; Hoisting
Abstract:Strong competitiveness is highlighted in modularized plant building with advanced design philosophy, while multilayer modularized skid-mounted integration in surface engineering is in its infancy, few cases of which were found in oil and natural gas industry. In accordance with the experiences in modularized plant building for certain gas purification plant, this paper introduces the design philosophy of multilayer module skid-mounted integration structure and advantage of implementation. The design method for multilayer modularized skid-mounted integration was put forward based on the research of skid-mounted structure system, calculation method, separation process, temporary measures and lifting methods, which provides references for structural design of modularized plant building.


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