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Study on Productivity of Herringbone Multilateral Wells Based on Electric Simulation
Author of the article:Peng Zhuang, Wang Guoqin
Author's Workplace:1.Petroleum Engineering College of Yangtze University; 2.The Branch of Key Laboratory of CNPC for Oil and Gas Production, Yangtze University
Key Words:Electrical simulation; Experiment; Herringbone multilateral wells; Productivity; Orthogonal experiment

Conducted is electric simulation experiment on herringbone multilateral wells in order to research the effect of related parameters on well productivity and to test the applicability of the productivity calculation formula used for Li Chuanlan herringbone horizontal wells and the experimental results show that such factors have effect on well productivity as position, length, quantity, angle and distribution mode of branches. The productivity in case of branches lying in both sides of a well is higher than that in case of a branch lying between two wells, productivity index will increase along with increase of length, quantity and angle of branches and the increase will drop off, the productivity index in case of branches being uniformly distributed is close to that in case of branches being symmetrically distributed, the productivity index in case of branches lying in the same side is lower that those of the first two cases and the longer the branches, the larger the productivity index difference is. The sensitivity of each factor is evaluated by orthogonal design. The parameters affecting the productivity of herringbone wells are as follows: quantity>length>distribution pattern>angle. Under the uniform distribution, Li Chunlan (2005) formula has higher precision and Li Chunlan (2010) formula is more accurate in case of symmetric and the same side distribution. The experimental results can provide the basis for optimization design of herringbone branch wells and injection-production pattern.


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