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Review on Development of Claus Process Used for Sulfur Recovery
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Key Words:Review; Development; Claus process; Sulfur recovery
Abstract: Technological process combined by propane amine desulfurization/Claus process of sulfur recovery/tail gas treatment technology has become the most important process for sulfur recovery in sour gas and refinery gas purification after continuous improvement in over 70 years. In 2011,total sulfur output all over the world has reached up to 5100×104 t and its 96 % is obtained by using Claus process. This process can be sorted into such three types as straight Claus sulfur recovery process,flow separation process and direct oxidation method and type selection mainly depends on H2S content in feed gas and capacity of sulfur recovery unit shall be considerated suitably. If latent sulfur content in feed gas is below 0.5 t/d,no matter H2S concentration in sour gas is high or low,Claus sulfur recovery process is not used for sulfur recovery by principle and non-renewable type desulfurization technology is recommended. In recent years,Claus sulfur recovery process has been improved in such issues as selective absorption desulfurization process and acid gas stripping process,oxygroup sulfur recovery process,Lo-Cat oxidation-reduction desulfurization method and self-circulating loop reactor and different tail gas treatment methods.
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