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Mechanical Analysis and Structure Improvement of Connecting Rods in Oil Pumping Unit
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Key Words:Oil pumping unit; Connecting rod; Fracture; Finite element; Cracking control; Remanufacturing
Abstract:At present, there are many idle five-type oil pumping units in oil fields, structural design defects and long time operation of such units result in some cracks or fractures in horse heads, connecting rods and other parts of the units. Application of remanufacturing technology in reconstructing the units can repair the old and utilize the waste and reduce costs. Conventional checking method is difficult to calculate the parameters of joint parts in connecting rods. Applied is the finite element software ANSYS to analyze the original structure of connecting rods and it is found that the original design is unreasonable and major stress concentration exist in the joint part between the connecting rod joint and intermedium tube. In view of such problems, proposed are improvement measures, and through software calculation and actual inspection, the effect of the improved connecting rods is good.
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