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Discussion on Natural Gas Conditioning Plant low concentration of acid gas treatment technology
Author of the article:Zhang Wenchao,Wang Denghai,Fan Junlai,Chang Zhibo,Qiao Guanghui
Author's Workplace:Xi’an Changqing Technology Engineering Co. Ltd.
Key Words: Natural gas,Conditioning Plant,Low concentrations of acid gas,Acid gas treatment, Sulfur recovery
Abstract:Provided as the requirement of environmental protection, Jingbian natural gas conditioning plant has built the Clinsulf - DO sulfur recovery technology can not meet the requirement of the emissions, and acid gas temperament with low sulfur and high CO2 content, and low sulfur content characteristics of the conventional claus method cannot meet the technological requirements. Combining with the characteristics of acid gas temperament and on domestic selective oxidation desulphurization, complexing iron liquid phase oxidation desulfurization technology, the Shell - Paques biological desulfurization technology, WSA acid and acid gas reinjection technology from the local environment and resources, a by-product of the sales, technology advanced, equipment of comprehensive benefits and promote the localization of the comprehensive comparison and demonstration, finally decided to the new acid gas treatment of the fourth natural gas conditioning plant choose completing iron liquid phase oxidation technology,Meanwhile, in order to improve the quality and ease of sale of sulfur, iron oxidation process for the production of complex sulfur crude molten sulfur purification device settings, after purification sulfur quality to meet qualified.
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