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Discussion about the evaluation methodology of fluid ability of shale matrix
Author of the article:W. G. Li,B. Zhong,X. F. Yang,Y. Zhou
Author's Workplace:Exploration and Development Institute of Southwest Oil & Gas field Company,PetroChina
Key Words:W. G. Li,B. Zhong,X. F. Yang,Y. Zhou
Abstract:Flow ability of shale is an important basis for shale gas well deliverability prediction, production decline analysis, EUR calculation, making development scenario, etc. Based on partial dirrerential equation, physical chemistry and physical simulation experiment, this paper analyzed the shortage of the existing mathematical models for shale matrix flow. Furthermore,developed an improved mathematical model for shale matrix flow which considered the effect of adsorption, determined the diffusion coefficient should be a new evaluating parameter for shale matrix flow ability. This model can not only evaluate the shale matrix flow ability, but also be used in the other fields of shale gas exploration and development. It provides a theoretical guidance for high efficient exploration and development of shale gas.
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