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Material-balance equation and a reserve estimation method for shale gas reservoirs with limited water influx
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Key Words:shale gas,material equation,reserve estimation,adsorption,fracture,matrix
Abstract:Gas is stored in three ways in a shale reservoir: free gas in the rock matrix porosity and in the natural fractures, sorbed gas within the matrix rock. So in this paper, an advanced material balance equation for shale gas reservoirs with limited water influx is presented, which accounted for all the drive mechanisms-gas expansion, matrix and fracture porosities shrinkage, fluid expansion, gas desorption, water encroachment and adsorbed-phase volume changing along with the formation pressure. The calculation results in case histories prove that the advanced material balance equation is available for reserve estimation. With drive mechanism of adsorbed-phase volume changing not considered, reserve would be smaller; and with matrix and water expansion not considered, free gas in the matrix would be smaller, free gas in the fractures would be gigger, and the reserve would be smaller.
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