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Research on the flowing properties of Fengcheng heavy crude oil diluted by light crude oil
Author of the article:XIE Ping, MA Chenbo, Lin Xiaofei, HAN Shanpeng
Author's Workplace:China National Petroleum Corporation West Pipeline Company(Urumuqi),China University of Petroleum, Beijing(Beijing)
Key Words:heavy oil; diluted; change of flowability; viscosity prediction model
Abstract:The production of Fengcheng heavy oil gradually increases in Xinjiang. Obtaining the flowing properties of heavy crude oil diluted by light oil is the controlling section for transporting heavy oil to downstream refinery through western crude oil pipeline. In this work, the changes of flowing properties of heavy crude oil is summarized through literature research and experimental measurements of Fengcheng heavy crude oil, Karamay oil, Kazakhstan oil and the mixtures of those component crude oil. Comparing the predicted viscosity result from 17 calculation models and the measured viscosity of heavy crude diluted by light crude oil, an optimized viscosity prediction model is obtained. It offers a reference for Fengcheng heavy oil viscosity prediction and heavy oil transportation plan.
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