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Shale Gas Development Environmental Impacts and Consideration
Author of the article:Lu Jingmei
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Key Words:Shale gas, development techniques, environment protection and consideration
Abstract:Shale gas as one of the clean energy gradually cuts a striking figure in energy market, and has been commercially and widely developed in U.S. Chinese economic development demand for clean energy is so urgent that shale gas’s exploration and development has been put in agenda. In this paper, through the study on American shale gas development situation, new techniques of shale gas development and its effects on the environment, with the comprehensive analysis of domestic shale gas resources, water resources and the environment which should be faced and be solved during the broad development of shale gas. we point out that shale gas development should employ the new technology of horizontal drilling and fluid management innovation to protect the environment which is facing gradually worse challenge, and provide some suggestion of environmental protection to Chinese government and energy corporation(Operator), which want to make decisions about how to manage the challenges that may accompany shale gas development.
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