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Key Words:Ultrasound; Demulsification; Tahe Oil Field. Dehydration; Acid oil;
Abstract:abstract: acidification impurities of heavy oil emulsification more serious in tahe oil field, the conventional thermochemical settling dehydration is difficult, there are high concentrations of dosing long processing time repeat large quantity problem of poor stability of the system, it is hard to meet production requirements through technical reform, on the dehydration process after adding ultrasonic demulsification dehydration unit, dehydration efficiency and effectiveness, water-bearing index from the original 5% to 5%; Water cut success rate from 74.3% to 93.3%; Dehydration from 24 to 48 hours reduced to parameter of 7 ~ 12 hours (average less than nine hours. Tank bottom emulsion layer thickness by the original 20 ~ 30 cm fell to 0 ~ 13 cm, repeat capacity fell sharply; A capacity of 200 m3 / d fluid quantity by the original rose to the highest after 486 m3 / d, does not appear the phenomenon of inadequate capacity system disorder, improve the stability of the system through the application of surface ultrasonic demulsification dehydration plant to improve acid demulsification dehydration effect of thick oil in tahe oilfield has a significant role.
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