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Effect Evaluation of Removing Blockages in the Gas Wells of Shapingchang Gasfield
Author of the article:Liu Shichang, Shi Fuchun, Xiao Renwei, Wu Yang
Author's Workplace:PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Branch Chongqing Gas District
Key Words:Shapingchang; Gasfield; Blockage; Clear away; Evaluation; Application
Abstract:Through organic removing blockages in the Gas Wells, we can relieve blockages in wellbore and formation, than ultimately enhance the recovery of gas wells. When we inject blockage relieving agent in the four wells through casing tubing annulus without shutting down, they have already injected anti-corrosive agent for more than 5 years. And before we inject organic removing blockages in Tiandong 93 and other three wells in Sha Pingchang gas field, we choose blockage relieving agents without taking compatibility experiment. As a result, we haven’t gain the results we want. According to the analysis of organic removing blockages, we propose the improved methods: First, take compatibility experiment of blockage relieving agent and blockages in the wellbore. Second, chose the suitable clear away period and canals for wells with different well structures and inject periods.
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