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The Research of the Low Concentration Hydroxypropyl Guar Gelled Fracturing Fluid and its Application in the Sulige Gas Field
Author of the article:Yang Guanke, Wang Chao, Wang Cheng
Author's Workplace:Engineering Research Institute,Great wall Drilling Company, PetroChina
Key Words:low-concentration fracturing fluid;hydroxypropyl guar gum;Sulige gas field
Abstract:According to the need of stimulating low porosity and low permeability reservoir,a new low concentration hydroxypropyl guar gelled fracturing fluid system was developed by optimizing the types and concentrations of guar gum,cross-linker and other agents in fracturing fluid system. The residue content of this fracturing fluid was only 290 mg/L,1ess than two-thirds of the commonest fracturing fluid. The fracturing fluid has good thickening efficiency and proppant carrying capacity.Backing to the end of the 2012, the fracturing fluid has been successfully used in the 3 vertical wells and 1 horizontal well in the Sulige Gas Field.Average gas production of these vertical wells is 1.7568×104m3/d,whereas the average gas production of their adjacent wells which used common fracturing fluid is 1.4098×104m3/d.This technology achieved better modification consequences.
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