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The Steady-state Productivity and Influence Factors Analysis of Staged-fracturing Horizontal Well in Shale Gas Reservoir
Author of the article:YUAN Lin,LI Xiaoping,Xie Weiyang,Liu Peng
Author's Workplace:(State Key Laboratory of Oil-Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation,Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu 610500,China)
Key Words:Key Words:Shale gas;Staged-fracturing;Steady-state productivity;Coupling;Desorption and adsorption;High speed non-Darcy;
Abstract:Abstract: The exploitation of shale gas with horizontal well supported by hydraulic fracturing had been the trend all over the world,however,the specific characteristics of shale gas’s occurrence and seepage characteristics in the shale matrix and man-made fracture made the productivity analysis of shale gas more complex.Based on the productivity theory of conventional fractured horizontal wells,this paper considered characteristic of desorption and adsorption of shale gas, high speed non-Darcy percolation in the man-made fracture and the coupling between fracture and wellbore,used the conformal mapping method to deduce a semi-analytical productivity model of staged-fractured horizontal well in shale gas.Case study shows the pressure drop along the wellbore has a small effect on the productivity of staged-fracturing horizontal well,if the production is low,the effect of pressure drop along the wellbore can be neglected,while as the increase of reservoir thickness,fracture’s half-length,fracture’s flow conductivity,number of fracture and concentration difference inside and outside the matrix,the production of staged-fracturing horizontal well in shale gas also increases,but the trend of increasing will become more and more gentle,eventually tending towards stability.So parameters for fracturing design should be optimized developping shale gas reservoir to achieve the optimal development effectiveness.
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