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Application of formation pressure calculation method of gas injection well in jilin black 59 blocks
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Key Words:gas injection well; formation pressure; deliverability equation;injection—production system method
Abstract: The formation pressure of gas injection well is one of the important parameters in the dynamic analysis of the gas reservoir. How to accurately obtain the formation pressure of gas injection well, is one of the important issues in reservoir engineering. At present the method of calculating formation pressure has a lot ,each have advantages and disadvantages. Jilin oilfield CO2 flooding pilot test goes well, see obvious dynamic reflect. So, in order to optimization of jilin oilfield calculating the black 59 blocks the formation pressure gas injection well the best method, intro -duces actual measurement method、deliverability equation counter—algorithm 、the flow pressure—yield extrapolation method and injection—production system method. And brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these methods based on the calculation results . Finally optimization deliverability equation counter—algorithm method and injection—production system method with high degree of reliability, the error smaller to calculate the gas injection well formation pressure as the main method.
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