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The Development of Wet Desulphurization Technology on Natural Gas
Author of the article:Yang Tingting, Xiong Yuntao, Xiao Jun, Han Shuyi
Author's Workplace:1. China Petroleum Engineering Co. LTD - Southwest 2. Dazhu Branch of Chongqing General Natural Gas Purification Plant, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company 3. China Petroleum Engineering Co. LTD - Southwest 4. China Petroleum Engineering Co. LTD - Southwest
Key Words:natural gas; desulphurization; sulfur dioxide; MDEA
Abstract:It is necessary to purify raw natural gas with acidic components (H2S and/or CO2 with little mercaptan and/or thioether on some occasions) before pipeline transportation to meet standard specifications and environmental requirements. H2S is able to corrode pipelines and pollute the environment while CO2 would affect the heat value of natural gas hence pull down the overall economic benefits. Therefore, desulphurization technology has long been focused on since the very beginning. In this paper, the dominant wet desulphurization technology was summarized, including the mechanism, strengths and weaknesses as well as application of each method. Apparently, the most widely applied Amine Method is highly effective, especially MDEA and its associated formulas. Meanwhile, some prospective new crafts were introduced and it has every reason to believe that the future desulphurization technology would exhibit greater diversity.
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