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Key Words:LNG satellite station;rubber comminution;cryogenic comminution;Hysys
Abstract:There are two rubber comminution processes nowadays,one is comminuting at normal atmospheric temperature and the other one is cryogenic comminution 。Cryogenic comminution are divided in two ways :frozen comminution with liquid nitrogen and air-expansion refrigeration technique。Compared with comminute at normal atmospheric temperature, cryogenic comminution has obvious advantages in the production of fine rubber powder, except of the huge investment and significantly increasing production costs.The process of cold energy utilization of waste rubber cryogenic comminution in LNG satellite station is rare in domestic applications, the technology is relatively scarce。With air used as a middle cold medium it recycles cold generated by the LNG vaporization, and cooling the air, then spraying with the cooling air to cool the crumb .,The results Through simulation showed that: this rubber comminution process with remarkable energy saving can reduce 349.5kW h of energy consumption.when makeing one ton production of fine rubber powder.
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