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Research Progress in Natural Gas Hydrate Vapor-Hydrate Equilibrium
Author of the article:Xiong Yuntao, Jiang Zhiming, Weiyun
Author's Workplace:1 Chongqing General Natural Gas Purification Plant,Dazhu Company,PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company 2 Company, Dazhu,Sichuan,635100,China China Petroleum Engineering Co.,Ltd.Southwest Company, Chengdu,Sichuan,610017,China
Key Words:Natural Gas, Hydrate, Vapor-Hydrate Equilibrium, Maximum Water Content
Abstract:The presence of water has a negative impact on the transportation and processing of natural gas. Accurately predict the maximum allowable water content in natural gas-water content in gas phase that is equilibrium with natural gas hydrate-is of vital importance to ensure the normal performance of the natural gas transportation and processing. Summarized the progress in last 35 years of the experimental determination and theoretical calculation of the gas phase water content which is equilibrium with the gas hydrate, comprehensive comparison of these predictive methods were also presented.
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