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Cause analysis of full open for the surge valve Of compressor and solving solution
Author of the article:ZHANG Xi-de,Abudurehemu.tuohuti,GU Xing-chun
Author's Workplace:China Petroleum Tarim petrochemical company
Key Words:compressor ; surge valve ;full open; cause analysis; solution
Abstract:the accident of surge valve blow off suddenly of air compessor of multi-shaft type have been taken three times within one day and cut off the air into the secondary reformer, which resulted the trip of Chemical Fertilizer unit . affecting factors of accident have been found after analysed and investigated. it is ,first time , because the valves of air compessor outlet and bypass line had been in a fully closed position.outlet pressure of one section went up rapidly to over 1.5 MPa during increasing pressure for compressor , which brought about the surge valves full open suddenly ,after then steam turbine reached to electric overspeed and trip. second time, because extraction pipe was inadequacy warmed , the Condensation in tube went into Middle Steam Pipe Network when turbine was running extraction gas ,it cause that steam temperature in pipe network was reduced substantially and that speed of steam turbine of air compressor went down to less than 5743rpm, after then the surge valves was full open suddenly. For it ,the countermeasure was taken relevantly to get good effect and avoid similar problem to appear again in operating later. so scientific operation is very important for the compressor to run safely and stably in the long duration。
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