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Analysis of a Regional Cathodic Protection Practice
Author of the article:Li Haikun, Xie Tao, Wang Ying, Wang Wenzhong
Author's Workplace:The Pipelin Research Institute of CNPC;National Engineering Laboratory of Oil and Gas Pipeline Transportation Safety;Xindi Energy Engineering technology Co.Ltd
Key Words:oil/gas transportation station, regional, cathodic protection, interference
Abstract:In order to verify the effects of a regional cathodic protection project and to find possible problem, A case of cathodic protection system of deep well anode bed and distributed anodes in a station was applied, the test followed. The influence of location of anode bed and grounding on the potential distribution, and the interference of CP system to main pipeline were analyzed. The conclusion from the practice is that the whole object was polarized by the deep well anode bed, especially the boundary of the station was polarized substantially, and that the centre area is less polarized as a result of crowded pipelines and grounding system, which should be improved with distributed anodes. The deep well anode bed should be set far from the main pipeline as possible, near from the object protected. The deep well anode bed can be used to protect the main pipeline meanwhile.
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