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PCM Inspection of Buried Pipeline External Protective Coating of Gas Trsportation Station
Author of the article:Ren Hongyu,Yang yang,Zhang Xu
Author's Workplace:Southwest Petrol University
Key Words:gas transportation station; anticorrosion inspection; PCM inspection; corrosion; buried pipeline
Abstract:PCM inspection is a relatively mature method on defects inspection of external protective coating of buried pipe, there is rare use on gas transportation station for the reason of difficult operation. Because the accuracy of detection affects repair workload, in order to improve detection accuracy, to analyze the characteristics of the inspection is necessary.Combined with practical, it analyzed that difficulty mainly comes from the signal interference caused by dense distribution pipeline and signal weakening caused by large-scale equipment grounding. And severaloperating points and experience for PCM inspection are proposed. The operation of a station shows that detection methods and a wealth of experience are important for the PCM inspection.
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