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Application Research of Staged Hydrojet acid fracturing without pulling string in ultradeep well of Tarim
Author of the article:YUAN Can-ming1, ZHANG Fu-xiang2, Shi Xiao-zhi1, ZH
Author's Workplace:(1.Downhole Service Company, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd., Chengdu 610051, China; 2. Tarim Oilfield Company, PetroChina Co., Ltd., Korla 841000, China)
Key Words:Keyword: ultradeep well; hydrojet acid fracturing; staged acid fracturing; immobile string; jetting tool; pump-off pressure
Abstract:Abstract: The deep well of Tarim Oilfield is typical of ultradeep and high pressure well that is more than 6000 meters deep, which presents a challenge of the application research of staged hydrojet acid fracturing without pulling string. In order to achieve a reasonable jet velocity in ultradeep well, the number of muzzles and their radius are optimized. In view of the techonical difficulties in Halahatang area, a design method which can not only obtain upper jet velocity but also complete the field practice is got. The results from the field operations on 13 layers of 3 wells show that the staged hydrojet acid fracturing without pulling string is successful in these ultradeep wells. The effect of fracturing treatment was proven to be good through the acid fracturing curve and the analysis of pump-off pressure and the comparing with adjacent well and the flow test and so on. It shows that this study is quite significant to the design of staged hydrojet acid fracturing without pulling string and construction program in these ultradeep well.
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