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Simulation Analysis of the Dual-Stabilizer BHA for the Gas Drilling
Author of the article:
Author's Workplace:1. State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum University; 2. Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Inst. ; 3. Tarim Oil Field Company
Key Words:gas drilling, dual-stabilizer, pendulum stem, deviation
Abstract:Stabilizers were designed for the gas drilling, and the mechanical characteristics of gas drilling dedicated dual-stabilizer pendulum stem is studied using finite element simulation software. Considering the structure parameters of drilling tool, borehole parameters and drilling parameters, the relationship of the stabilizer upper and lower spacing, the distance between bit and the first stabilizer, deviation angle and the upper and lower stabilizer size with pendulum force are discussed ,and the influence of all the parameters on pendulum force are analyzed respectively. Simulation results of the analysis is basically identical with the vertical and horizontal bending beam theory results under the same conditions. Through a series of analysis, the pendulum stabilizer BHA in gas drilling has strong anti-deflection and correction ramp capacity, can effectively control the problem of gas drilling hole deviation.
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