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Research of self-service gas station construction model and technology
Author of the article:Wu Shi-yang
Author's Workplace:Refined oil branch of PetroChina Sichuan Marketing Company
Key Words: Self-service gas station; construction model; technology; applied research
Abstract:It is to be able to let the customer self-service gas station independent complete refueling vehicles and the settlement of gas station, as a gas station advanced management and service mode, with traditional gas station incomparable core competitive advantages. Self-service gas station is the gas station that customers can complete the vehicle refueling and payment process all by theirselves. Based on the exploration of self-service and semi-self gas station construction model in Refined oil branch of PetroChina SiChuan Marketing Company, combined with the domestic situation and Service needs of different customer groups, this research focus on the self-service gas station construction model and technology. Summarized in the early promotion construction half self-help stand as Lord, gradually push all the self-help construction mode, take artificial service and self-help guide of combining mixed mode of cultivating the consumer habits, and do it on self-help for the original gas station customer affect the minimum for domestic self-help refueling mode provides a set of feasibility solution.
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