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Finite Element Analysis of Effect of Cement Sheath Property on Casing Strength
Author of the article:HU Qiong, HUANG Xiang-feng, Cao Chang
Author's Workplace:College of Petroleum Engineering; Yangtze University
Key Words:elastic modulus; cement defect; casing failure; ground stress; casing stress
Abstract:Casings are always damaged heavily in sandstone and mudstone formations. The main reason is that injecting water crosses flow into shale layer, then leads to the change of mechanical properties of rock and ground stress redistribution which result in casing wear. For those reasons, we should improve the quality of cement sheath to keep casing safe. The system of formation-cement sheath-casing was chosen as the research object and then reduced to areal model by finite element analysis in this paper, which can be used to study effect of elastic modulus of cement sheath on casing stress loading in homogeneous and inhomogeneous ground stress. Considering the two ground stresses are not equal, the paper analyzed the influences of cement sheath not being centered,defect angle and casing internal pressure when occurring defect cement sheath on casing stress, then drew variation law of casing stress when casing in different types of cement sheath, which provides casing security with referential basis. Therefore, we should optimize cement sheath to ensure collapse strength of casings.
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