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Application of deep acid fracture technology
Author of the article:Huangxia
Author's Workplace:中石化西南石油局井下作业公司
Key Words:Northeastern of Sichuan, carbonate, depth, acid fracture, acid, process
Abstract:ABSTRACTS: Carbonate reservoir of sichuan northeastern area is buried deeply, densification degree is high, burst pressure is high, formation temperature is high, construction friction is high, tiny cracks is growth, construction pressure of acidification fracturing is high, acid filtration is big, the speed of acid dissolution and acid rock reaction is quick, the action distance of acid dissolution is short, the corrosion of string is serious, degree of reservoir transformation is low, the increasing effects of the conventional acid fracture modification is very bad. Lots of application tests in field shows, use gelled acid or acid sticky controled with temperature become or“Lead liquid+ Gelled acid” or “Multilevel alternating injection+Closed acid” can reduce the lost of strata filter effectively, delay the speed of acid dissolution and acid rock reaction, reduce the tubing corrosion, increase the the action distance of acid dissolution, Significantly improve the diverting capacity of acid dissolution crack and natural gas production and stable effect.
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