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Author of the article:zhengfeng
Author's Workplace:Central Sichuan Gas Production Plant,Sinopec Southwest Branch Company
Key Words:Cathodic Protection, Potential, Wireless Transmission, WebGIS, On-line Monitoring
Abstract: The buried gas pipeline cathodic protection effect is usually evaluated by the cathodic protection potential parameters. The protective potential of conventional cathodic protection potential measurements measured IR drop, which affects the correct judgment of the cathodic protection effect.According to the problems of the western Sichuan buried gas pipeline cathodic protection, the polarized probe was applied to greatly reduce the IR drop, and cathodic protection on-line monitoring system was established based on WebGIS. The cathodic protection potential collected is send to the monitoring center from time to time, which improves the accuracy, timeliness and the sharing of resources. It provides basis for decision-making and has important practical significance.
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